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Here're some links to definite places to check out for random iPhone
resources. I'm just going through my bookmarks. They're not really in any

If you can get the iPhone developers environment running on a computer
check out the code samples. Also the whole api is listed there as well.
Definitely get a developers account.

Definitely get familiar with the Foundation framework. It's got things
such as sets… etc.

I found the forums at macrumors.com helpful. Never actually posted
anything but any trouble I was having was usually answered by searching.

A good place. Hasn't been updated for a while I think though.

Another good site.

Cocoa! Very important stuff.

A link to random links. They have a link for describing Objective-C to
somebody who knows C.


And last but not least…
A collection of different issues from different mailing lists. I've found
any issues I've had have been had from someone before.

There's also that book which I've found invaluable.
"Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X" - Aaron Hillegass

I completely forgot something that was really helpful for me.


It's a class offered on iPhone programming that has the notes posted

It also looks like there is a iTunes U link that wasn't available last
time I looked at it.

It's too bad! They use to have all the lectures available but as the new
term came in I guess they moved them somewhere or deleted them.

Honestly objective-c is pretty easy to pick up. The challenge will be the
APIs and frameworks. I found Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX excellent for
learning Mac programming (the API/framework crossover between the Mac and
iPhone is huge, so most of the book applies to iPhone as well). But, there
are some iPhone specific books these days that may be more appropriate.

You should start following Jeff Lamarche, he has a popular iphone book and
a pretty good blog, http://iphonedevelopment.blogspot.com/

Another resource is this list of all things iPhone http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dkhkqj4_20dmzf4wgz

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