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We 12:00 - 14:50 HS 1501 Christian J Jacob 2010/01/11 - 2010/04/16

Baron, Shane & Reuber, “Entrepreneurship: A process Perspective”, First Canadian Edition, Thomson Nelson.

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Text: Baron, Shane & Reuber, “Entrepreneurship: A process Perspective”, First Canadian Edition, Thomson Nelson.

CHAPTER 1 Entrepreneurship: A Field—And An Activity
CHAPTER 4 Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs: Enhancing Social Competence, Creating Trust, Managing Conflict, Exerting Influence, and Dealing With Stress

CHAPTER 10 Marketing in a New Firm

CHAPTER 2 Uncovering Opportunities: Understanding Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Industry Analysis
CHAPTER 3 Cognitive Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Creativity and Opportunity Recognition

CHAPTER 11 Strategy: Planning for Competitive Advantage

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Jill said yes and pulled up her dress
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To Calgary Coast Plaza Hotel
Meetup Event

Calgary Coast Plaza Hotel
1316 33rd Street NE
Horizon's Restaurant - West Room
Calgary, AB T2P 3M7

Career fair

Castells library

IBM Calgary
Meetup group

David Google map


  1. Learn Objective-C
  2. Algorithms
  3. License, UCID
  4. Toastmasters
  5. Clean up
  6. New monitor.
  7. Exercise
  8. Manage Finances
  9. Maps
  10. Manual Transmission

Algorithm Design
University of Calgary —> Guide to locations
Call Number Copy Loan/Material Type Location
QA76.9 .A43 K54 2006 1. Definite Loan (Two Weeks Guaranteed) Due: 9/15/2009
2. Definite Loan (Two Weeks Guaranteed) MacKimmie Library Bloc

50 Scientific Ways to be persuasive
CS courses

Life 09- $60
Civ IV - $40

Icewind Dale
Tron 2.0
Stubbs the Zombie
LoTR: Return of the King
Alien vs Predator 2
Freedom Force

That's all I have left. I'll do those for $80.

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