Sample questions for exams
Here are a few sample questions for the midterm and final. The exams contain the following types of questions:
- factual: What does 'collective intelligence' mean (see Terry Flew, new media concepts)? When was ARPA created and in what context? When and where was the first copyright law enacted?

- essay: Discuss the idea of blogs as 'social software'. Discuss the idea of internet as an invention.

Your answers should be in full sentences, no bullet points (except for the questions asking for a year or for the name of a person/ place). For the essay type questions, your answer should be in the form of an essay (introduction, body, summary; one paragraph/ one idea; logical sequence from one paragraph to another etc.). Your critical discussion of the required topic will show that you are familiar with the material covered in class and in the textbook, and that you have digested and synthesized this material.

<warner> I think I understand the tools better now
<zooko> vinc456: will you teach me how to configure gzb? I want to tell it to
watch http://allmydata.org/trac/pycryptopp and
<zooko> (If it isn't already.)
<zooko> Also other trac instances. [20:32]
<zooko> Ooh, can I configure it with a list of specific tickets on other issue
trackers that I want to hear about? :-)
<zooko> warner: great! Please prepare Tahoe-LAFS for Debian!
<zooko> I'm preparing zfec.
<vinc456> Sure, just a minute.
<vinc456> Ok, so I kept a record of the steps needed to add new feeds, which
can be found here: http://vinc456.wikidot.com/gzb [20:36]
<vinc456> It's fairly straightforward and self-explainatory, but first you
have to direct the bot to a feed.
<warner> are you just privmsg'ing the bot there? [20:37]
<vinc456> Yeah, so all the stuff above the horizontal line can be done in
<vinc456> so /query gzb
<vinc456> Did you want me to go through the process on the channel? [20:38]
<warner> I gotta head to dinner
<warner> see y'all
<zooko> Enjoy!
<vinc456> Have a good one warner.
<zooko> How do I get a "help" file from gzb? [20:40]
<vinc456> !help
<gzb> help <cmnd> or help <plugin> .. see the !list command for a list of
available plugins or see !available command for a list of plugins to be

gzb> help <cmnd> or help <plugin> .. see the !list command for a list of
available plugins or see !available command for a list of plugins to be
<zooko> gzb won't talk to me in priv msgs. [20:41]
<zooko> !help
<vinc456> Unfortunately the "help files" aren't all that helpful…
<vinc456> Hmmm.
<zooko> Nor on this channel, apparently. :-)
ERC> /query gzb
<warner> same here
<vinc456> You and warner should be admins.
<zooko> That's because you're at dinner.
<zooko> Maybe I've confused it by changing my nick.
<zooko> Oh, I need to go put some boys back to bed… [20:42]
<zooko> bbiab
<vinc456> I'll add both feeds and e-mail you the log if you're really
interested in the details :p
<zooko> Yes please! :-) [20:46]
<zooko> Also http://allmydata.org/trac/pyutil [20:47]
* gzb (n=moc.tsohmaerd.euqitsym|bzg#moc.tsohmaerd.euqitsym|bzg) has quit: "http://gozerbot.org" [20:59]
* gzb (n=moc.tsohmaerd.euqitsym|bzg#moc.tsohmaerd.euqitsym|bzg) has joined channel #tahoe [21:02]

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